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an individual or point that fills a niche in an crisis. He was manufactured headmaster as a stopgap till a new guy may very well be appointed; (also adjective) stopgap arrangements. noodgeval بَديل مُؤَقَّت لِسَد الفَراغ временен заместник de improviso zatímní náhrada die Überbrückung, Überbrückungs-... midlertidig et eller andet προσωρινή λύση σε κατάσταση ανάγκης sustituto asetäitja, ajutine جانشين موقت vara- bouche-trou; intérimaire מְמַלֵא מָקוֹם זְמַנִי काम चलाऊ प्रबन्धअन्त:कालीन स्थानापन्न zakrpa, privremena zamjena kisegítő megoldás pengisi kekosongan sem er settur/notaður til bráðabirgða tappabuchi, ripiego まにあわせ(の) 임시변통, 미봉책 laikinas pakaitalas pagaidu aizstājējs; pagaidu- pengganti sementara noodoplossing nødhjelp/-løsning; midlertidigzastępstwo expediente de ocasião временная замена; затычка dočasná náhrada; provizórny mašilo; začasna rešitev privremeno sredstvo tillfällig ersättning สิ่งทดแทน geçici kimse/çözüm 臨時代替者或代用品 заміна; затичка عارضی người, vật thay thế tạm thời, lấp chỗ trống 临时代替者或代用品

stop - the act of stopping one thing; "the 3rd baseman manufactured some remarkable stops"; "his stoppage in the stream resulted inside of a flood"

discontinue - come to or be at an close; "the support from our sponsoring agency will discontinue after March 31"

put, spot, topographic stage - a degree located with regard to area characteristics of some area; "this is a great spot for a picnic"; "a vibrant place over a planet"

tripper, trip - a capture system that acts being a swap; "the stress activates the tripper and releases the drinking water"

For the first time, a team of researchers studies properly developing human hairs from dermal papilla cells taken from the inside of donor hair follicles.

See your medical professional. When you've got experienced hair loss, it’s essential to see your medical doctor to find a trigger. You will have an underlying ailment that’s resulting in your hair loss, which may perhaps need treatment for you to regrow your hair.[forty eight] Your physician could buy blood assessments to evaluate hormone levels that may cause hair loss.[49]

We raced off towards Squaw Creek and didn't stop right until the bottom itself stopped-- fell away before us so abruptly that another action would have been out into the tree-tops.

stop - seize on its way; "The fighter airplane was purchased to intercept an aircraft that had entered the nation's airspace"

Recent hair transplant treatments relocate hair follicles from 1 part of The pinnacle to a different, typically through the back to the front. This redistributes instead of increases hair follicles which is a lengthy process which will get all day long from the clinic and leaves a large scar.

(= protect against) → was können wir tun, damit das Baby nicht schreit?; that’ll stop the gasoline (from) escaping/the pipe (from) leaking → das wird verhindern, dass Gas entweicht/das Rohr leckt; to stop the thief (from) escaping → den Dieb an der Flucht hindern; it can stop you from worrying → dann brauchen Sie sich (dat) → keine Sorgen zu machen; to stop oneself from doing a click little something → sich zurückhalten und etw nicht tun

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Jojoba oil is known for its moisturizing and hydrating Houses. Jojoba oil stimulates hair growth by strengthening the blood circulation and moisturizing the hair follicles. In addition, it repairs dry and harmed hair (20).

stop - the state of inactivity pursuing an interruption; "the negotiations were in arrest"; "held them in Check out"; "throughout the halt he bought some lunch"; "the momentary remain enabled him to flee the blow"; "he invested all the stop in his seat"

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